“Chuggin’ Along” With Lamon Artist Dusty Sanderson – First EP to be Released February 26

imagesFollow Lamon artist Dusty Sanderson through thick woods, down a bright red dirt road, over a rickety bridge, and by a lakeshore in Bluff Springs, Florida, and he’ll show you where it all began.

The country singer/songwriter has been the life of bonfire parties for years in that very spot. Warm summer nights spent strumming his guitar, covering country and southern rock songs matured Dusty as an artist. Before long, he had gigs at local venues and started writing his own music.

Dusty signed with Lamon Records and recorded his four-song EP at Quad Studios in Nashville with Grammy nominated producer Dave Moody. His first music video for the title track “Chuggin’ Along” was shot in January.  The video truly captures Dusty in his element. It’s reminiscent of those nights of pickup trucks, solo cups, and loud music. All of his friends came out to recreate the bonfire parties where Dusty found his calling.

The first single has just hit country radio stations across the nation. The four-song album highlights Dusty’s songwriting abilities, and in addition to the title cut features the catchy, cleverly self-referential “Dang Good Country Song,” “Country to the Stone,” and the ballad “This Old Guitar.”

“I’m really excited about the new album,” Dusty says. “It’s always awesome to see your hard work turned into a reality.”

“It’s very ‘now,’” says his producer Dave Moody, president of Lamon Records, “a mixture of backwoods country and hard driving high energy rock.  I think he’s drawing from the best of today’s country artists, and classic outlaw artists too, like David Alan Coe, Waylon Jennings, and others.  Whatever he’s doing, it seems to be working.”

Dusty’s Lamon EP, “Chuggin’ Along” is set to be released February 26th on iTunes and in the Lamon Records online store.  For more information on Dusty Sanderson and other Lamon Records artists, visit www.lamonrecords.com.

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Lamon Records Welcomes Brook McKenzie to the Label

Brook McKenzie-25

Singer/songwriter Brooklyn McKenzie signed with Lamon Records in 2012 and has recently recorded her first 4 song EP.

Brooklyn was a contestant in the 2012 Music Artist Talent Search sponsored by Lamon Records Nashville at the Gideon Film Festival. Producer Dave Moody took notice of her talent right away, impressed by the young artist’s lyrical style and sultry pop voice.

“Brooklyn is a very talented singer and songwriter,” says Dave. “Her vocal style draws from several genres to make up her own unique sound.”

Brooklyn, a high school senior from Sandy Hook, MS, first sang in church at the age of two. Her grandmother taught her to sing scales and her father built a stage in her room so she could practice performing. She is a member of her school’s show choir and was elected to Mississippi All-State Show Choir three years in a row. Her parents accompanied her to the recording session and beamed with pride while she settled into the vocal booth.

It has been a goal of hers to record an original song, as well as add a few new songs to her repertoire. Recording in Nashville at historic Quad Studios is a dream come true for Brooklyn. “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. It’s so cool,” she says.

Brooklyn is the most comfortable at the studio’s beautiful Baby Grand piano. She played her original tune, the soulful, Adele-influenced “Tonight,” for the band before they recorded the instrumentation. Her album will also feature new pop country songs, “Somehow Someway” and “Where Have I Been All My Life.”

Her album is expected to be released March 26. For more information on Brooklyn and other Lamon Records artists, visit www.lamonrecords.com

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Hayley Whitley, 2012 Music Artist Talent Search Winner, Records in Nashville

550848_10151231463695779_173309124_nHayley Whitley jumps at every opportunity she has to sing. She and her sister belt out classics by The Gold City Quartet and The Temptations in the car. She sang growing up in church, performed in school musicals, women’s ensembles, and in the Wingate University Choir. She’s a force to be reckoned with on the softball field, playing for Wingate as well as opening a few games with her version of the National Anthem.

This ambition led her from her home in Monroe, NC to the Blue Ridge Mountains for the Gideon Film Festival and the 2012 Music Artist Talent Search sponsored by Lamon Records Nashville.

Hayley sang with other talented artists before a panel of judges headed by Josh Moody, Vice President of Lamon Records. The winners were announced following a banquet two days later. Hayley recalls being so nervous she almost couldn’t eat.

“We enjoyed a beautiful and tasty meal, but my nerves were building. As the artist finalist were about to be announced, I heard Dave Moody call out names of other competitors that I thought would have won, I remember thinking there must be some mistake.”

Hayley’s standout performance garnered a first place title and a recording contract with Lamon Records. The next step was Nashville to record her EP at Kingswood Studios and Quad Studios. The album features her unique versions of modern country and Christian tracks, such as “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum and “This Little Light” by Addison Road.

“Hayley was one of the best singers I’d ever heard perform live when she won the Gideon Music Artist Talent Search,” says Dave Moody, producer and president of Lamon Records.  ”I really like the depth and character of her voice.”

Hayley’s first EP, “My Heart,” is due to release February 26. For more information on Hayley and other Lamon Records artists, visit lamonrecords.com

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Bobby Dean, Truck Driver Turned Country Singer Takes Us All on a Road Trip from Classic to Modern Country Music

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (Monday, January 28, 2013) -  Truck driver turned chart topping country singer, Bobby Dean, continues to celebrate his share of accomplishments. In 2012, he released three high charting singles on Lamon Records as he rode a wave of success on country radio nationwide.

Now, the Kent, Washington resident is set to release his third album on Lamon. This time it’s a collection of classic and hard driving modern country music entitled Kiss My Doublewide, scheduled for pre-release on CD March 12th to fans on Facebook and Twitter, with a full release on iTunes, Amazon and elsewhere on April 2nd.

“If you’re a fan of country music, the old and the new, there’s something for everyone on Bobby’s new record,” says Grammy nominated/Dove Award winning artist, producer and label president Dave Moody.

“Bobby has a very traditional country voice that beckons the listener back to country music’s long heritage of boots and twang,” adds Moody. “Yet we’ve also kicked the drive up a notch on the title song Kiss My Doublewide and others to build a broader audience.”

Kiss My Doublewide has all the right mile markers to guide the listener on a country music journey through time.  From the soon-to-be-singled rocking title cut Kiss My Doublewide to classics like The Grand Tour (George Jones), Tonight I Climb the Wall (Alan Jackson), and Don’t Cry Momma, a countrified new take on Elvis’ 1969 classic originally titled Don’t Cry Daddy, Bobby Dean’s new album covers all the bases.

Bobby Dean owns and operates Edgmon Trucking from his home in Kent, Washington near Seattle, and he says he’s happy just “living the dream.”

“I’ve always loved singing country music,” reflects Bobby Dean. ”It’s been an amazing journey so far and I’m grateful for all the support the label, fans and country radio have given me and my music.”

And folks everywhere are beginning to take notice. Look for several feature articles on Bobby Dean and his music in some leading national publications over the next few months, including Road King Magazine and Today’s Trucking.

Bobby Dean will hit the road soon after the release of his new single and album. The New Nashville Roadshow, a showcase tour organized by Lamon Records, will be hosted by Dave Moody and will feature Bobby Dean, Kimberly Patrick and other label artists in towns and cities across America.

For more information, contact Jena Shores (ext. 106) or Donna Botts (ext. 104) at Lamon Records,615.379.2121. You can also visit the label’s website at www.lamonrecords.com and/or Bobby Dean’s official music website at www.bobbydeanmusic.com for further details.  Artist/Tour Press by Shari Lacy at GoodStuff PR.

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Lamon Records Signs Massachusetts Native Scott Hooper

Scott HooperCountry music’s influence knows no bounds. Today our industry finds their gems in unlikely places, like Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts. This is what happened with singer/songwriter Scott Hooper, who recently signed with Lamon Records.

Scott began singing country music in the Bay State at a young age and paired his voice with a guitar at age 15. While developing his talent, he found a skill to set him apart and keep country music fans all over New England entertained – he could alter his voice to sound like a variety of artists.

Scott began to imitate the likes of Bob Seger, Bon Jovi, Brooks & Dunn, Tim McGraw, as well as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Elvis while his natural charisma gave him a magnetic stage presence. His cover band successfully toured the United States. However, Scott’s heart kept calling him back to country music. He dissolved the band and took to writing his own material with his brother Stephen and his wife Cara.

“I tend to like songs with high energy and songs that make a person think,” Scott said. “I like upbeat, driving songs that just might make the listener want to ‘step on it’. The songs that touch a listener, that might make them reflect and feel happy, are always very rewarding to me.”

The trio has a catalog of over 40 songs together and several of them are slated to be recorded this month in Nashville for Scotts upcoming album with Lamon Records.

Dave Moody, Grammy nominated/Dove Award winning artist/producer and President of Lamon Records will produce the album. “Scott has a strong, modern, Country voice,” Dave said. “His songwriting is very contemporary and commercial. Our staff was very impressed with his vocal range as well as the songs he’s writing.”

For more information, visit www.lamonrecords.com

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Christian Duo Rythmicure Records at Quad Studios

Fullscreen capture 1152013 35242 PM.bmp


The Christian pop/rock duo Rythmicure spent the beginning of January recording tracks and scratch vocals for their upcoming album. Dan and Karla, a husband and wife praise team from Iowa, have been signed with Lamon Records for 3 years, but this album marks the first time they have recorded original material with the label. The new album, yet to be titled, is a departure from their last album, Solid Rock, which was a collection of popular covers and parodies of classic rock hits with a praise and worship flair.

Dan recounted the evolution of the collection of new songs which he selected these tracks from a catalog of over four hundred songs penned over the past twelve years. There are country, pop, rock, and contemporary Christian praise songs among the recordings – a little something for everyone.

“We hope this album just takes off. Not just for us, for the musicians, for the label… everyone. ” As he glanced through the control room window at the musicians bringing each song to life, he couldn’t help but be grateful for the talent of the session musicians playing on the album. “There’s something really amazing going on here.”

“Dan and I keep getting verklempt – it’s like our baby’s being born,” Karla fanned away a tear with her hand and shook her head in disbelief.

In addition to their own material, they covered a song by producer Dave Moody called “Let Me Hear You Praise Him.”

“Nothing about this album is cookie cutter,” added Dave. “It was a very good day, no doubt about it. I’m excited about the way the album is coming together.”

“Everyone at Lamon Records is looking forward to where this album will go,” said Josh Moody, VP Creative Operations. “Dan and Karla have a wonderful ministry and this album has a wide enough appeal to reach a lot of people.”

Rythmicure will be back in Nashville to record their vocals in February and release is expected in the spring of 2013.

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Lamon Records Announces Staff Additions

Jena ShoresLamon Records Nashville  is excited to announce the addition of Jena Shores to our label staff as Director of Marketing and Communications. Jena earned her BA in English, as well as a BS in Fashion Design, from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2011.  She has spent the past two years working in film and theater and she brings a passion for music and an enthusiasm for helping spread the word about new artists through a variety of multimedia outlets.  She will work directly with media contacts to shed light on all things surrounding our artists and their music.  Email: jena-at- lamonrecords (dot) com. 615.379.2121, x106.

Donna Botts, Director of Promotions, will continue to coordinate radio promotion for the label, as well as focus on artist bookings and showcase opportunities for all Lamon artists. She is currently organizing our New Nashville Roadshow featuring host Dave Moody, Bobby Dean, Kimberly Patrick, and other label artists in cities across America.  Shari Lacy (Goodstuff PR) will handle tour press for the roadshow, as well as other special projects.

For a complete label contact directory, please visit Lamon Records Online.

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Elevating Entertainment Completes New Movie SEASON OF MIRACLES

Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures has completed production of their newest feature film SEASON OF MIRACLES, starring John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, October Baby, Smallville), Grayson Russell (Talladega Nights, Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Nancy Stafford (Matlock, Baywatch) and the story’s writer/actor Rusty Whitener (from the hit TV series Nashville). 

SEASON OF MIRACLES is set in the 1970s and is a uniquely compelling drama about a group of twelve year olds and a championship little league baseball season, that is not so much about winning and losing – as it is about living and dying.  Author Rusty Whitener’s screenplay won the Kairos Prize presented by Movieguide and the Templeton Foundation.  His novel which the movie is based, won the Gold Medalist in Foreword Review’s “Book of the Year” religious fiction category and two Christy Award nominations in 2011.

“We’ve been so honored to have such an amazing cast join us in bringing this fabulous story to life,” says director/producer Dave Moody. “John (Schneider) was fabulous and really spent time with our kids on and off the set playing baseball which really added to the reality of the team spirit on screen. Grayson (Russell) had the challenge of portraying the important autistic kid character in the story and his performance is truly inspiring. Rusty is not only a great writer but a wonderful actor as well, and he brings tremendous depth to the mystifying character of Mr. Forrester.”

The original motion picture soundtrack will be released by Lamon Records Nashville.  Watch for more updates on this film… coming soon!



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Dean, Stewart and Lamon Earn NMW Award Nominations

The 2012 NMW Award Nominees have just been announced and Lamon Records along with two of its artists are among this year’s honorees.

Truck-driver turned country singer Bobby Dean is once again nominated as “Breakthrough Artist of the Year.”  He won that honor last year.  2012 has proven to be another stellar year for the Kent, WA singer.  His single Me and George Strait hit Number 1 on the NMW Country Chart at the end of the summer.  And the release of his Nashville-first “Another Last Chance” short movie featuring music from his album Country Country has received critical acclaim and is scheduled to screen at several film festivals in 2013.  Dean’s current single You Can’t Drink ‘Em All is currently on the NMW and Music Row Country Charts and going for adds at Billboard Indicator and MediaBase Activator stations now.

Teen country singer-songwriter Courtney Stewart has been nominated as “New Artist of the Year.”  Stewart’s single For All The World To See reached the Top 5 on NMW’s Country Chart earlier this year.  This Knox, PA native has received great responses and reviews of her music and videos from he debut EP “Telling You.”  And her many live performances in 2012 included opening for Justin Moore at the Warren County Fair in PA.  Stewart continues to write new songs, perform and attend high school, balancing a life as a country music artist and honor student.  Watch for more great things to come from this talented singer-songwriter.

Lamon Records was nominated as Country Record Label of the Year.  A premier indie label, music publisher and entertainment company, Lamon has spent 2012 celebrating its 50th anniversary as a company, an amazing feat in today’s ever changing industry.  Among the festivities and highlights of the year include Lamon’s Artist Showcase at the CMA Fan Fair and Music Fest in June, and a fun filled night at the label’s 50th anniversary celebration on the world famous Midnight Jamboree at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Nashville, broadcast live on WSM Radio 650 immediately following the Grand Ole Opry.

Vote now for the NMW Awards by visiting the Voting Page on NMW’s website.




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Truck Driver Turned Chart Topping Country Artist Bobby Dean

Truck Driver turned Chart Topping Country Artist, Bobby Dean,
Takes Listeners on Backroad Journey with Country Country

Named New Music Weekly’s 2012 Male Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year”

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – (Tuesday, October 9, 2012) -  Truck driver turned chart topping traditional country singer, Bobby Dean, has celebrated his share of successes this past year.  After spins of his sophmore album on Lamon Records, Country Country, garnered critical success at radio, the record has continued to show up on indie charts nationwide.

As the title suggests, the music on this project is nothing but pure country. His song “Me and George Strait” just topped the New Music Weekly Chart at #1, and entered the Top 80 on Music Row’s Chart in September, and his newest single, “You Can’t Drink ‘Em All” is at NMW, MR, Billboard and MediaBase stations now.  “White Lightning or Pink Champaign” earned similar success on NMW (Top 5) and Music Row (Top 80) in May of this year.

Produced by Grammy nominated producer and Lamon label president Dave Moody, and engineered and mixed by Academy of Country Music Award winning engineer Steve Marcantonio at the legendary Sound Emporium in Nashville, Country Country has all the right elements to feed the appetite of today’s traditional country music lover.

“In 2010, I had the honor and privilege of hearing Bobby Dean’s first demo album. It reminded me of Country Music the way that it used to be – long before all the bells and whistles such as Pro Tools that make the music sound perfect yet sometimes lifeless,” says Moody.

There’s nothing lifeless about this Kent, WA native’s approach to music. Put simply, he sounds like he is having a blast. His enjoyment comes across in such fun filled honky tonk material as “White Lightning or Pink Champagne” and “Me And George Strait.” Dean isn’t trying to save the world nor make a huge socio-political statement, he’s just wanting you to forget your problems for two to three minutes.

Bobby Dean loves the classics, and on Country Country, he adds his own vocal touch to George Jones’ 1974 classic “The Grand Tour” as well as the Buck Owens (via Terry Fell) classic “Truck Driving Man.” He wants to celebrate the originals as well as the impact they’ve had on his own sound, rather than make you forget them.   The Grammy nominated Moody Brothers and Grand Ole Opry veteran George Hamilton IV join him on “Truck Driving Man,” and offer up some spirited vocal exchanges.

Simply put, if you love traditional sounds, you are going to love Bobby Dean.

From his home near Seattle, Washington, where he owns and operates a successful trucking company, Bobby Dean says he’s happy just “living the dream.”  As we’ve seen lately with shows like NBC’s The Voice, it’s never too late to try and live it. “I’ve always loved singing country music,” reflects Bobby Dean.  ”I’m just so grateful to Lamon Records for this opportunity.  It’s been an amazing journey so far and I’m grateful for all the support the fans and country radio have given me and my music.”

Dave Moody adds “We’ve done some out of the box music video pieces as well for this music collection. “Another Last Chance” is a 15 minute movie short featuring three songs from Country Country that are tied together with a common storyline – a first for Nashville. Bobby is an artist who wants to push the envelope and we hope to reach a broader audience with this new CD release and film.”

Country Country is available at iTunesAmazon and hundreds of other sites as well as on CD from the Lamon Records web store.  The physical CD actually features two bonus tracks of Bobby’s first Lamon chart singles (“Hank on the Radio” and ”Rebound”) not found on the digital release version.

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Lamon Records Featured in the Americana Gazette

The Moody Brothers: Americana Artists and Entreperneurs

Reprinted with permission.  See the original article as printed with photos or visit AmericanaGazette.net

When two-time Grammy nominee Dave Moody was thinking about a place to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independent record label started by his father, he decided on the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree.  As the second oldest radio show in the country, the Jamboree has a rich and colorful history. Launched in 1947, it has followed the Grand Ole Opry every Saturday night on WSM radio in Nashville, and along the way has featured some legendary performances.

I still remember the October night In 1975 when Willie Nelson played the Jamboree. He was just beginning his meteoric me, pulling in new fans for country music and helping to create what soon became known as Americana. Some people were unsure what to make of all that, and a few weeks earlier on the stage of the Opry, Roy Acuff had insulted Nelson’s image – particularly his shoulder-length red hair – declaring with a touch of derision in his voice: “We hope some day Willie will come back and be one of us.”

Ernest Tubb, one of the Opry’s most warm-hearted members, heard the comment and in order to make amends invited Nelson to appear on the jamboree. Willie did, and brought down the house -a standing room crowd of longtime fans and newer converts who shared the love of a good country song.

This past August, I thought about that scene – that atmosphere of inclusiveness, and that musical blend of tradition and change – when Dave Moody took the Jamboree stage. Moody comes from a legendary musical family. His father, Dwight Moody, was and is a fiddle playing preacher from North Carolina, who played the Grand Ole Opry in the 1940s in the band of bluegrass legend Clyde Moody (who was no relation.) ln 1950, Dwight also played fiddle for Country Music Hall of Famer Hank Snow, before shipping off to fight in Korea.

After the war, now a decorated veteran, Dwight worked in Durham, North Carolina, playing square dances on the weekend, performing live on country radio, and studying for the ministry. With his wife, Cathy, also a musician, he moved around, pastoring small-town Methodist churches, and in 1962 he launched Lamon Records initially to support the building fund at his church. For the first twenty years or so, Lamon remained primarily a gospel label, little known except to the friends and family of Dwight Moody.

But then came the Grammy nomination of 1985. By then his three sons, Carlton, Dave, and Trent were following musically in their father’s footsteps. They had formed a band called The Moody Brothers, and among other things in the early ’80s they were cutting a lot of country dance tracks, selling, as Dave Moody remembers, “30, 40, 50,000 singles for dance competitions around the world.” In 1984, one of their cuts was “Cotton-Eyed Joe; an old slave song from the American South that became, after the movie “Urban Cowboy;” a line dance standard in the 1980s.

By then the Moodys were living in Charlotte, NC, where Dwight had opened a recording studio that he operated with his sons. Dave was still a college student, and one day after class he came by the studio and saw an entrance form for the Grammy Awards lying half-discarded on his father’s desk. “Being the young and ambitious, college-educated man that I was, I filled out the form; Dave remembers. “I never really thought anything would come of it. But then we got this call, and we thought, ‘Holy, moly!’”

Suddenly, the Moodys were Grammy nominees, finalist for Instrumentalist of the Year, sharing that distinction with Chet Atkins, Ricky Skaggs, the ‘Whites, and Doc Watson. It didn’t matter that they didn’t win. For artists on a small independent label, it was, as Dave says, “almost ludicrous” to be in such company. But there they were, and all of a sudden their career took off.  They began to tour with George Hamilton IV, one of the stalwarts of the Grand Ole Opry who had an enormous following in Europe.

“George took us to the Opry,” Dave says. “We did it quite a bit in those days. It was as if we had won the Grammy. People in Nashville loved the story. For an independent label to have a Grammy nominee was unheard of.  We played big festivals in Europe with George, and found ourselves on shows with Johnny Cash and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. We won three International CMA Awards for Best Trio, beating out people like the Gatlin Brothers and the trio of Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris. lt was kind of crazy.”

Dwight Moody continued periodically to perform with his sons, including shows at the White House: for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. In 1989, the Moody’s cut an album in Prague with Czech recording artist Jiri Brabec – a rockabilly piano player – and released it through their own Lamon label in collaboration with the state owned company in communist-run Czechoslovakia. At about the same time, they expanded Lamon’s roster of American artists. In 1990, George Hamilton IV and his songwriter son George Hamilton V cut a duet album on the label – a mostly acoustic, folk-country record that still holds up more than twenty years later as a pioneering Americana album.

After yet another Grammy nomination, the Moody Brothers rode the wave through most of the ’90s. They turned their attention to Europe for a while, becoming featured country performers at Disneyland Paris when the complex opened in 1992. “We played there regularly,” says Dave, a touch of amazement still in his voice. “We also played a big country music club next door with ‘The Moody Brothers’ there on the marquis. Between 1992 and ’98, over 50 million people came through those venues.”

But nothing lasts forever, and by the end of the decade, the Brothers began to pursue different paths. Dave and Trent moved back to the United States, where Trent, the youngest, began his own music school in North Carolina. Dave focused more heavily on the record label, which he guided toward the gospel roots of its founding. Carlton, meanwhlle, continued to concentrate on performing. He became the lead singer for an iconic band, Burrito Deluxe, founded in 2000 with legendary steel player “Sncaky Pete” Kleiner. In 1968, Kleiner had been a co-founder of the Flying Burrito Brothers, joining Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, and Chris Ethridge to create a California country-rock sound that later influenced the Eagles and many other bands.

When Kleiner decided in 2000 that he wanted to re-create some version of that band, he and Moody chose the name Burrito Deluxe:, the title of the Flying Burritos’ most famous album. For the next seven years, the new band performed widely and recorded three critically acclaimed albums, including “Georgia Peach,” a tribute to Gram Parsons, ”The Whole Enchilada; and “Disciples of the Truth.” Kleiner died in 2007, but the band has continued to perform occasionally with Carlton singing lead.

Dave, meanwhile, moved his record label to Nashville.  He had already recorded his own tribute to Chet Atkins, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” which was nominated for a Dove Award in 2002, the gospel music equivalent of a Grammy. But unlike the Grammys where he was a finalist but didn’t win, Dave soon won the first of two Dove Awards in 2005. In 2010 he earned another Dove nomination after co-producing the critically acclaimed “George Hamilton IV and Friends: Old Fashioned Hymns and Gospel Songs .. for those who miss them.” The album featured duets between Hamilton and musical guests Ricky Skaggs, Marty Stuart, Del McCoury, Gall Davies, Charley Pride, Bill Anderson, and the Moody Brothers. For all his success in gospel music, Dave has continued to record other artists, including Kathryn Scheldt, an Americana songwriter who hit the top ten in 2012 with her country-flavored single, “Almost Cheatin’.”

All of which brings us to the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree, where Dave took the stage in August to celebrate 50 years of Lamon. Among his guests were country artists Bobby Dean and Courtney Stewart, who have also charted on the past year for Lamon, and of course George Hamilton IV.

“They’re just talented, enterprising people,” Hamilton told me before going onstage. ”When I was living in Charlotte, NC, the Moodys were kind of hometown heroes. It was such a delight to be around them. We did the Opry a lot together, and toured Poland together. I can’t think of a family music group more talented or more creative.”

With that, Hamilton walked smiling onto the stage and with Dave singing harmony, he broke into the strains of “Abilene,” his number one hit from 1963. Together, the two Grammy nominees, Hamilton and Moody, moved effortlessly into the old gospel standard, “Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad,” and closed their intimate, three-song set with Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young.”

Somehow it seemed perfect – an affirmation of tradition and creativity, which has been a hallmark of the Moodys, and of their small, but ambitious record label that began operations more than 50 years ago.

~ Frye Gaillard


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Lamon Records Nashville Signs Young Singer/Songwriter Dusty Sanderson

Lamon Records Nashville is proud to announce the signing of twenty year old country artist Dusty Sanderson to its label roster.  The young singer/songwriter was in Quad Studios in Nashville late last week recording original songs for his upcoming EP release, which should hit the street early in 2013.

The Pensacola Florida native has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old and singing since he turned 14.  “It all started around a bonfire on the river,” says Dusty, “with just me and my guitar, which eventually led to me getting my first real gig in my hometown at a little place called the Fugly Worm.”

Suddenly, the young aspiring artist was landing professionally paying gigs at all the bars and clubs in the area.  His deep baritone voice is reminiscent of great country singers like Vern Gosdin or Lefty Frizzell, yet he makes every song his own.

“Dusty has a very unique quality to his voice and a viable music style of what he’s writing,” says his producer Dave Moody, president of Lamon Records. “It’s very ‘now’ … a mixture of backwoods country and hard driving high energy rock.  I think he’s drawing from the best of today’s country artists, and classic outlaw artists too, like David Alan Coe, Waylon Jennings, and others.  Whatever he’s doing, it seems to be working.”

Asked about his songwriting, Dusty says, “I’ve been interested in writing songs all my life, but I didn’t get serious about it until I was 17. I had a girlfriend that I spent all day, every day with, so when she took a trip to LA for a week I had no clue what to do with my time, so I sat down in my room and started writing.”  And he’s not stopped since.

Stay tuned for more from this talented country newcomer.  For more information on Dusty Sanderson or Lamon Records Nashville, contact (615) 379-2121 for Donna Botts (ext 104) or Dave Moody (ext 101). Or visit the Booking Our Artists page online.

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