Grayson Russell Joins The Cast of “A Season Of Miracles”

Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures announced today that Grayson Russell has agreed to join the cast of the upcoming feature film A Season of Miracles, which will be in production  in and around Wilson County (near Nashville) throughout the months of May and June 2012.  Russell, who lives in Alabama, and is just days away from celebrating his 14th birthday, has already garnered an impressive list of film credits. He’s perhaps best known for his role as Will Farrell’s son Texas Ranger in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and as Fregley in the Diary of A Wimpy Kid movies.  Russell will play the very demanding role of Rafer, who has autism, in A Season of Miracles.

“I’ve been a fan of Grayson’s for a while now… he’s a very talented actor and we’re honored to have him join our cast,” says Director/Producer Dave Moody. “The role of Rafer is so important to our story.  It’ll be a challenge that I’m sure Grayson is up to.”

Andrew Wilson Williams, also from Alabama, has been cast to play the lead role of Zack, easily the best player on the Robins team who always seem to finish in third place behind their rivals, the Hawks.  But in Miracles, as the story unfolds through the eyes of this teenager, Zack learns there’s so much more to life than a little league championship season as he wrestles with himself and his beliefs. Andrew Wilson Williams is no stranger to a movie set, having played Matthew McConaughey character’s son in We Are Marshall.

“We really feel like Andrew is a great actor… and up to the task of being on screen the entire movie,” says Co-Director/Producer Josh Moody.

After hundreds of auditions for the role of Rebecca, Sydney Morgan Layne has been cast as the only girl role in the story.  Jacob Hunnicutt will play Donnie (Zach’s best friend), and Austin Vickers has been cast as the colorful Batman.  Other Robins include Rocky Block as Duffey, Greyson Turner from South Carolina will play Jimmy, Reid and Max Steen from Kentucky will play the twins Harrold and Clay, Joseph Lopez has been cast to play BoDean, Eric Madison Williams II will play Skeeter, Daniel Walton is Tigger, and Jake Studebaker from Arkansas will play the role of Little Richard.  Hawks team members include Trevor Allen Martin from Kentucky as Booger, and Jordan Von Tagen as Red.

Joining previously announced John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville, October Baby) as Coach and Nancy Stafford (Matlock, Baywatch, The Wager) as Nurse Barbara, will be Sandra VanNatta (The Notebook, The Shunning) as Zach’s mom Paulette, Zach’s dad Del is Byron HerlongTerry Warren is Mr. Carson, Jessica White is Mrs. Carson, Emily Landham is cast as Mrs. Powell, William McKinney will play Captain Powell, Susy Schumann will play the colorful Mary Keller, and local pastor and Wilson County native Jacob Armstrong will play Pastor White.

A Season of Miracles is based on the award winning novel, Christy Award Finalist, and Kairos Prize winning script by Rusty Whitener, who will also play Rafer’s dad Mr. Forrester.

For more information, contact Elevating Entertainment at 615.379.2121.

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