Lamon Records to Celebrate 50 Years on WSM 650 Radio in Nashville


This Saturday, August 25th will mark a milestone for Lamon Records and the entire Moody Family as their indie record label will celebrate 50 years in the industry. The label will present a special anniversary show on the Midnight Jamboree, America’s second longest running radio program which follows the Grand Ole Opry on WSM 650 Radio in Nashville every Saturday night while being streamed around the world via the internet.

Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning artist and label president Dave Moody will host the show.

“It’s a real honor for us to celebrate our anniversary this way,” says Moody. “I have great memories of visiting Nashville when I was just an eight year old kid.  The Midnight Jamboree was definitely a standout for me on that trip.  In those days you could stand so close to the stage in the Ernest Tubb Record Shop you could almost touch the performers.  I’ll never forget that experience and the impression it made on me as a kid.”

Moody, along with a few of his current label artists will perform on the show, including  Bobby Dean, Courtney Stewart, Kimberly Patrick and Chris Berardo and the DesBerardos.  Grand Ole Opry star George Hamilton IV will also be a guest on the show.  Hamilton has spent the past 25 years or so recording various albums for  Lamon.

Lamon Records was started in 1962 by Dwight and Cathy Moody.  The first record was a fund raiser for their church where the elder Moody was the pastor.  Artists like Ed Bruce, Margo Smith, the Imperials, and Jesse McReynolds have all released records on Lamon, and the label has seen its fair share of diverse guest artists who have appeared on various releases through the years, including Pat Boone, Ricky Skaggs, George Beverly Shea, Doc Watson, Marty Rabon, Del McCoury, Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith, Don Dixon, Marti Jones, Connie Smith, Marty Stuart, and so many others.

“It’s hard to believe this milestone,” says Moody.  “We’re so thankful to the many artists we’ve worked with over the years. It’s gonna be a night of remember. ”

For more information, call 615.379.2121 to contact Donna Botts, Director of Media Relations (x104) or Dave Moody, President (x101). 

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Finalists Announced for the 2012 Music Artist Talent Search & Songwriter Competition

Finalists in the 2012 Music Artist Talent Search and Songwriter Competition have just been announced.

The Artist Finalists are:

Katie Capelli
Pete Chambers
Ashley Ellen
Bonnie Gregory
Rashod Holmes
Rachel Huber
Jessica Hutchens
Daniel Martin
Brooklyn McKenzie
Hayley Whitley

The Songwriter Finalists are:

Stepheny Butcher – Try As You May
Pete Chambers – Giver, Maker
Rick Ferreira – Broken Promises
Jennifer Gammill – Wings of Hope
Bonnie Gregory – Mothers Are
Jessica Hutchens – Beauty for Ashes
Steve Large – It Ain’t Easy Being A Christian
Jason Roberge – Why Why Why
Hannah Scholl – Help Save A Heart

Erin Jamieson during 2011 MATS

Sponsored by Lamon Records Nashville, the competition will be held at the Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival, August 11th through 16th in Ridgecrest, NC.  This is the second year the competition has been held.  Last year’s winner was Erin Jamison.

This year, the artist grand prize is a Lamon Records recording contract and nationally released 4-song EP, produced by Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning producer Dave Moody in Nashville.  The songwriter prize is a publishing contract with one of Lamon Records’ BMI, ASCAP or SESAC affiliated publishing companies with the winning composition being recorded by the artist grand prize winner or another one of Lamon’s recording artist, as appropriate.

For more details, visit the MATS 2012 or the Gideon Media Arts Conference website.


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Lamon Records Hosts Artist Booth At 2012 CMA Fan Fest

The 2012 CMA Fan Fair and Music Fest kicks off on June 7th at the Nashville Convention Center.  Lamon Records will once again host an artist booth at this year’s event as the premier indie label and music publisher celebrates 50 years in the industry (1962-2012).

Fans can also check out the label’s performance showcase on Saturday, June 9th from 7pm – 9pm at the Music City Bar and Grill.  For more information, contact 615.379.2121, x104.

BOOTH APPEARANCES at the Nashville Convention Center

10:30		Bobby Dean 
10:30		Courtney Stewart 
12:00		Josh Housewright
12:00		Kimberly Patrick
2:00 		Stephanie Williams
2:00 		Rose Angelica
3:30 		Zach Perkins
3:30 		Bobby Dean

10:00 		Josh Housewright
10:00 		Courtney Stewart 
11:00 		Bobby Dean
11:00 		Stephanie Williams
12:00 		George Hamilton IV
12:00 		Kathryn Scheldt
1:00 		Josh Housewright
1:00 		Courtney Stewart
2:00 		Stephanie Williams
2:00 		Kimberly Patrick
3:00 		Bobby Dean
3:00 		Zach Perkins			

10:00 		Zach Perkins
10:00 		Courtney Stewart 
11:00 		Bobby Dean
11:00 		Stephanie Williams
12:00 		Rose Angelica
12:00 		Kathryn Scheldt
1:00 		Josh Housewright
1:00 		Courtney Stewart
2:00 		Bobby Dean
2:00 		Kimberly Patrick


Lamon Records Artist Showcase, Hosted by Dave Moody
7pm to 9pm at Music City Bar and Grill, Nashville
Across the street from Opryland Hotel
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Season of Miracles Wraps Film Production in Tennessee

Director Dave Moody, John Schneider, Co-Director Josh Moody on the set of Season of Miracles.

Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures has wrapped principal photography on their new feature film Season of Miracles.  The Kairos Prize winning script by Rusty Whitener was directed by multi-award winning Dave Moody and stars John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville, October Baby), Grayson Russell (Talladega Nights, Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Andrew Wilson Williams and Nancy Stafford (Matlock, Baywatch, The Wager).

Stay tuned for more details about this family-friendly film in the coming weeks.  Visit IMBD or Elevating Entertainment for more information.

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Stephanie Williams New EP Released by Lamon Records Nashville

Female country singer/songwriter Stephanie Williams has a brand new EP release out today on iTunes, Amazon, as well as other music outlets.

Since her early childhood, Stephanie always had a love for music. As a student, she enjoyed playing in the school’s orchestra and marching band. However, her true devotion was singing and performing in the school chorus.

Early on, Stephanie was inspired by the music of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn.  But, her inspiration didn’t stop there.

Stephanie recalls, “As my understanding and respect for music grew, so did the list of musicians whose work would further inspire me.”

That list included some of the biggest country female vocalists on the circuit, including Martina McBride, Faith Hill, and Trisha Yearwood.  Additionally, classic rockers such as Fleetwood Mac and Eric Clapton helped broaden her overall appreciation of music.

Williams’ brand new project for Lamon, was produced by Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning producer Dave Moody.

“Stephanie has the whole package,” explained Moody, producer/president of Lamon Records Nashville, a while back when he first signed Williams.  “We’re honored to be working with such a gifted performer and vocalist.”

“I’ve always dreamed of ‘making it big’”, says Stephanie.  With her strong voice and determined will, Stephanie is proving to be one of the biggest and brightest new performers in Country Music today.

For more information, contact Lamon Records 615.379.2121.

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Grayson Russell Joins The Cast of “A Season Of Miracles”

Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures announced today that Grayson Russell has agreed to join the cast of the upcoming feature film A Season of Miracles, which will be in production  in and around Wilson County (near Nashville) throughout the months of May and June 2012.  Russell, who lives in Alabama, and is just days away from celebrating his 14th birthday, has already garnered an impressive list of film credits. He’s perhaps best known for his role as Will Farrell’s son Texas Ranger in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and as Fregley in the Diary of A Wimpy Kid movies.  Russell will play the very demanding role of Rafer, who has autism, in A Season of Miracles.

“I’ve been a fan of Grayson’s for a while now… he’s a very talented actor and we’re honored to have him join our cast,” says Director/Producer Dave Moody. “The role of Rafer is so important to our story.  It’ll be a challenge that I’m sure Grayson is up to.”

Andrew Wilson Williams, also from Alabama, has been cast to play the lead role of Zack, easily the best player on the Robins team who always seem to finish in third place behind their rivals, the Hawks.  But in Miracles, as the story unfolds through the eyes of this teenager, Zack learns there’s so much more to life than a little league championship season as he wrestles with himself and his beliefs. Andrew Wilson Williams is no stranger to a movie set, having played Matthew McConaughey character’s son in We Are Marshall.

“We really feel like Andrew is a great actor… and up to the task of being on screen the entire movie,” says Co-Director/Producer Josh Moody.

After hundreds of auditions for the role of Rebecca, Sydney Morgan Layne has been cast as the only girl role in the story.  Jacob Hunnicutt will play Donnie (Zach’s best friend), and Austin Vickers has been cast as the colorful Batman.  Other Robins include Rocky Block as Duffey, Greyson Turner from South Carolina will play Jimmy, Reid and Max Steen from Kentucky will play the twins Harrold and Clay, Joseph Lopez has been cast to play BoDean, Eric Madison Williams II will play Skeeter, Daniel Walton is Tigger, and Jake Studebaker from Arkansas will play the role of Little Richard.  Hawks team members include Trevor Allen Martin from Kentucky as Booger, and Jordan Von Tagen as Red.

Joining previously announced John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville, October Baby) as Coach and Nancy Stafford (Matlock, Baywatch, The Wager) as Nurse Barbara, will be Sandra VanNatta (The Notebook, The Shunning) as Zach’s mom Paulette, Zach’s dad Del is Byron HerlongTerry Warren is Mr. Carson, Jessica White is Mrs. Carson, Emily Landham is cast as Mrs. Powell, William McKinney will play Captain Powell, Susy Schumann will play the colorful Mary Keller, and local pastor and Wilson County native Jacob Armstrong will play Pastor White.

A Season of Miracles is based on the award winning novel, Christy Award Finalist, and Kairos Prize winning script by Rusty Whitener, who will also play Rafer’s dad Mr. Forrester.

For more information, contact Elevating Entertainment at 615.379.2121.

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John Schneider to Star in Elevating Entertainment’s New Film – A Season Of Miracles

Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures is proud to announce that John Schneider has agreed to star in the upcoming feature film A Season of Miracles, scheduled to start filming in and around Nashville in May/June 2012.  Schneider is best known for his portrayal of Bo Duke in the 1980′s American television series The Dukes of Hazzard, for his role as Jonathan Kent in the 2001–2011 TV series Smallville (an adaptation of Superman), and most recently for his role as the father in the 2012 film October Baby, in theaters now.

“We’re so excited to have such a talented and well-respected actor as John Schneider join us in the telling of this fabulous story,” says Director/Producer Dave Moody.

Also joining the cast is Nancy Stafford, best known for her role as Michelle Thomas on the hit TV series Matlock.  A veteran TV and film actress, Stafford’s credits include ER, Frasier, Babylon 5, Baywatch and most recently, The Mentalist.

A Season of Miracles is based on the award winning novel, Christy Award Finalist, and Kairos Prize winning script by Rusty Whitener.

For more information, contact Elevating Entertainment at 615.379.2121.

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Courtney Stewart’s New Single “For All The World To See” Is At Country Radio Now

Sixteen-year-old country singer-songwriter and Lamon Records artist Courtney Stewart has already accomplished so much in her young music career,  but she hopes to make even more noise this year.  Her new single For All The World To See is at country radio stations now and will be “going for adds” across the country in the coming weeks as her label and promotion team gear up to spread the word about this talented new artist.

The Keystone High School student has gained a lot of attention since her debut EP “Where Will I Fit In?” was released last fall. Her first single Telling You gained worldwide radio airplay and the music video garnered hundreds of thousands of views across a multitude of outlets. She was recently featured on Inside Music Row (a syndicated music program originating from Nashville), Yahoo! Music, Y’all Wire, Music Choice and many others.

The young Stewart recently described her music in five words or less as “lyrical heartfelt country music melodies.” Producer Dave Moody agrees. “Courtney has a realness about her music that rings true to the listener. She’s writing songs about her everyday experiences… things she sees and knows as a young lady growing up in today’s world… which makes her music very interesting.”

The new single is Stewart’s favorite from the EP music collection.  As she explained in a recent hometown news article, “For All The World To See is my absolute favorite song on my album. I had written this song three days before I was set to record. I remember emailing my producer and telling him that I had a new song that we needed to add. When we arrived in Nashville, we met and I played the song for him. He loved it, so we ended up knocking a song out and putting For All The World To See in its place.”

Stewart will be in Nashville in early April to film her new music video. “I can’t wait,” says Stewart.  ”We’re all so excited about this new single and video.”

For more information, visit Lamon Records or contact Donna Botts, Director of Media Relations/Promotions at 615.379.2121, x104

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Bobby Dean Named Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year

New Music Weekly magazine has just announced the winners for their annual New Music Weekly Awards issue and Lamon Records Nashville’s traditional country artist Bobby Dean is among this year’s winners.

Named “Male Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year,” the award culminates a year of accomplishments and successes for the singing truck-driver from Kent, Washington (near Seattle).  From his first 2011 chart single “Hank on the Radio” to the follow up singles “Rebound” and “White Lightning or Pink Champagne,” which recently broke the Top 80 on Nashville’s industry leading secondary radio chart Music Row, radio programmers and DJs across the country and around the world have responded to Bobby Dean’s traditional, country sound.

The winners of the NMW Awards were based on votes from special polling data at radio stations, programmers, industry executives, as well as music fans online. In addition to major and independent artists, the Awards also honor record labels, radio stations, programmers and industry professionals.

Check out the brand new CD from Bobby Dean entitled Country Country, available at iTunes, Amazon and other fine record outlets.  Bobby’s new single “Me and George Strait” will ship to radio on April 9th.

For more information, contact Lamon Records. 615.379.2121

Full list of Country Winners:

Country Single of the Year
“Honey Bee” – Blake Shelton

Country Male Artist of the Year
Blake Shelton

Country Female Artist of the Year
Miranda Lambert

Country Group/Duo of the Year
Band Perry

Best New Country Artist
Erica Nicole

Best New Country Group/Duo
Taylor Made

Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year
Kelly Parkes
Bobby Dean

Country Radio Station of the Year
KALH (La Luz, NM)

Country PD of the Year
Chris Diestler/KQBA

Country MD of the Year
James Pond/KFGE

Country Promotion Person/Company of the Year
Tom McBee & Associates

Country Record Label of the Year

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Lamon Records Nashville to Release EP from New Country Artist Josh Housewright

Lamon Records Nashville is set to release a new 4-song EP collection entitled Times Like These by country newcomer Josh Housewright.  The album is set to hit all major music outlets, including iTunes, Amazon, and others on March 28, 2012.

Produced by Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning producer Dave Moody, the album was recorded by the Academy of Country Music’s “Engineer of the Year” Steve Marcantonio at Sound Emporium in Nashville.   Among the collection is the Winfred “Blue” Lovett penned 1976 Pop and R&B number one classic Kiss and Say Goodbye, originally recorded by the Manhattans.

“When Josh and his wife Juanita approached me about recording this tune as a country single, I thought ‘Wow – what a great idea,” says producer Moody.  ”It is so right for today’s market.”

Josh Housewright lives in Kingsport, TN where he and his wife work opposite shifts at Eastman Chemical plant while raising three children.  After winning “Tri-Cities Idol,” a local contest sponsored by radio stations and businesses from the large surrounding areas of Johnson City, Bristol and Kingsport, TN, his wife and friends encouraged him to live out his dream of recording in Nashville.  After a few phone calls, emails and trips to Nashville to sing in local karaoke bars, he got the opportunity to sing for Moody.

“I knew Josh had to be a good vocalist to have won “idol” in that part of Tennessee,” recalls Moody.  ”And he impressed me with the strength and range of his voice.”

The first radio single and video “Kiss and Say Goodbye” will be released in April.  For more information, visit Lamon Records.

Folks in the Tri-Cities area can come out to Stateline Bar in Bristol on March 14th for the filming of Josh’s music video.

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Bobby Dean’s Sophomore Album Takes The Listener To “Country Country”

Truck driver turned chart topping country singer Bobby Dean has a new album released nationally today entitled Country Country.  And as the title suggests, the music on his sophomore Lamon Records Nashville CD is nothing but pure country.

Produced by Grammy nominated producer and label president Dave Moody, and engineered and mixed by Academy of Country Music Award winning engineer Steve Marcantonio at the legendary Sound Emporium in Nashville, Country Country has all the right elements to feed the appetite of today’s traditional country music lover.

“We had a ball making this record,” says producer Dave Moody.  ”We set out to create an album that showcased Bobby’s authentic country voice by surrounding him with some of the best musicians who have recorded the biggest country hits from Music City.  And the fun we had creating each of the tracks is evident throughout the music collection.”

From Bobby’s current Top 10 rockin’ country two-step single White Lightning or Pink Champagne to the southwestern feel and reflective lyrics of Me and George Strait and This Long Country Road, there’s something here for every country music lover’s taste.

From his home near Seattle, Washington where he owns and operates a successful trucking business, Bobby Dean says he’s happy just “living the dream.”

“I’ve always loved singing country music,” reflects Bobby Dean.  ”I’m just so grateful to Lamon Records for letting me live my dream.  It’s been an amazing journey so far and I’m grateful for all the support the fans and country radio have giving me and our music.”

Dave Moody adds “Watch for some out of the box music video pieces coming soon for this music collection.  Bobby is an artist who wants to push the envelope and we hope to reach a broader audience with this new CD release.”

Country Country is available at iTunes, Amazon and hundreds of other sites as well as on CD from the Lamon Records web store.  The physical CD actually features two bonus tracks of Bobby’s first chart singles (Hank on the Radio and Rebound) not found on the digital release version.

For more information, visit Lamon Records or contact the label at 615.379.2121.

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Artist Christy Barber’s “Love’s Sweet Salvation” EP Set For Release

Lamon Records is set to release the debut EP of contemporary Christian artist and songwriter Christy Barber entitled Love’s Sweet Salvation.  The music collection will be available at iTunes, Amazon, and other fine music outlets, as well as on the label’s site at Lamon Records on February 28, 2012.

The collection which features two original songs by the artist was produced in Nashville, TN by Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning producer Dave Moody.  Steve Marcantonio (Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Natalie Grant) engineered the tracks at the Sound Emporium. Vocals were recorded at Quad Recording Studios in Nashville.

“Christy has a wonderful spirit and love for life which comes through her music,” says Moody.  ”She has a real passion for reaching her audience through the songs she sings and writes.”

Watch for this talented new artist, her EP Love’s Sweet Salvation and her moving radio single and music video entitled “He Won’t Let Go.”   For more information, visit Lamon Records online or the artist’s site at Christy Barber Music.

More about the Artist:  Christy Barber was raised in Syracuse, NY with both her parents and two older brothers. Her parents were both musicians so it was easy for her to get into music. Before she was 5 she was in love with singing. Her brothers used to beg her parents to make her stop singing when they were in the car. Christy was in school musicals and choirs all through her school years.

One memory she recalls is singing on Christmas Eve in her church at 10 years old.  “I sang Amy Grant’s ‘Emmanuel’” recalls Christy.  I will always remember how I wasn’t nervous at all. I couldn’t wait to get up there and sing. It was a turning point for me. I fell in love with performing and singing.”

Since then she has sung in numerous musicals and plays at college. She worked as a soloist at Camp of the Woods for 4 summers. She also toured to Europe with the Continental Singers. Most recently, you can find her singing in an acoustic duo where she lives, and giving back as she sings in nursing homes as part of her ministry.

Christy was signed by Lamon Records the summer of 2011 at the Gideon Film Festival.  “It was a dream come true for me,” recalls Christy.  Having Dave Moody come up to me and offer to sign me as an artist just blew me away.”

Christy credits her Saviour Jesus, for all her gifts. Without Him, she would not have anything to write or the ability to sing. Her relationship with him, all the peaks and valleys, have given her so much to write about. She went through a really deep valley in 2002. Her life was shaken really hard as well as her faith. Going through that fire, gave her a new relationship with God and a passion for sharing her story and giving hope to those that are hurting or feel rejected.

“I hope that my music can reach those who need to hear it the most,” reflects Christy. “People who feel rejected that no one cares. I am here to share that there is someone so awesome who cares. He is “Love’s Sweet Salvation!”

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